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Distance Energy Healing

Distance Spiritual Healing energy sent across time and space that is received and has a healing effect on the recipient. You do not have to be physically present with the healer to receive the healing.

Distance Spiritual Energy Healing: How Does it Work, How Long Does it Take & More

Energy healing has been practised for ages in many societies. The advent of long distance communications allowed us to stay in touch with relatives and friends that may live thousands of miles away from us. With this modern freedom, at times we find ourselves in a situation where those persons are sick, recovering in a hospital, or going through a difficult period in their lives, and we can’t be physically present to provide the support we would like to.

If you find yourself in the position above, or indeed if you need the healing yourself, and are considering helping with non-physical energies (Bioenergies, Chi or Prana), we can help you with spiritual healing distance energy: I can explain to you how it works, how I transmit it to another person, how long it takes, how would the other person receive it and finally about the healing process itself and the discernment.

How does Long Distance Spiritual Energy Healing Work

The most common modality of distance healing is for me to send energies to the person that you want me to help or indeed to you. Nonetheless, distance healing can be based on other non-physical mechanisms, for example, I could get out of my body and meet those you would like me to help while they are in the same state and talk to them. This could help even if they do not remember the experience the next day, since they might have worked out the problem from a different perspective and experience this as an “insight” or “inspiration” later on.

Another possibility is that I would send energies directly to the astral body (psychosoma), which could help for situations where the intention is to help from the emotional perspective. For instance, your friend or you may be in a turbulent period with lots of emotions, and a more serene state would help to get clarity on the needed decisions to be made. In a case like this, I would be exteriorising energies with a serene pattern towards your friend, when I meet him/her outside the body, could help in the process.

Another modality would involve helpers (or spirit guides) that would actually do the extraphysical work. When you think of the person you want to help, this might trigger extraphysical actions of your own helpers or the helpers of the person that needs assistance.

How to Do Distance Spiritual Healing

My healing energies are best defined in conscientiology, to have two main characteristics: lucidity and cosmoethics. “Lucidity” because they know enough to take an action that will actually help in the context of many lives of that individual. “Cosmoethics” because the ethical thinking, decisions, and actions are based in personal principles that include multiple lives, multiple dimensions. It also means that I have a more thorough understanding of the cause-and-effect in this broad context. I will not help someone if their actions bring harm to others, for example.

If you possess a mental frame of mind that is unbiased but optimistic which make it easier for you to contact and connect with me. You may acknowledge that you don’t see the big picture but have confidence in your intention to accept and embrace any help I will offer you.

The most typical form of distance healing is probably where I send spiritual healing energies to the one that i will be helping.

How to Send Healing Energy to another Person

Our energy body is a non-physical vehicle that vitalises the physical body. Several alternative medicine practices target this vehicle when trying to promote better health.

My energies can produce several effects on the person that receives it. It can have a calming effect, and make the person feel better, re-balance the bodies energies and chakras, boost vitality with a positive effect on the physical body, as well as accelerate recovery or trigger the healing process.

The technique to send energies is the exteriorisation technique. In essence, I am sending some of my energies to the person you request me to send it too. This can be done at my will, there is no need for the recipient to be visualising, imagining or any particular ritual on your part aside from the initial instruction for me to begin. Exteriorisation at my will may require several attempts until I can find the “mental command” that makes the energies move in sync with the required frequencies to achieve your desired, preset goals. Persistence is important since it can sometimes take me up to 50 attempts or more, just for me to find the “switch” that makes the process start. it is very exhausting, yet strangely spiritually nourishing and revitalising work and I keep at it until we achieve your agreed objectives, all I ask is for your patience, whilst I synchronise and align my energy and focus to where I need it to be.

I will try to push my energies out only through the right side of your body to begin with and compare the sensations you have on the other side of your body when push my energies through, as I command my energies to move. Sensations can vary from person to person and it is normal if you “second-guess” yourself in the beginning, not knowing if the sensation is physical or energetic.

I apply confidence in the exteriorisation. With time, you will find that the subjective command that I make, makes the energies move and your sensations become very clear, very different from physical sensations.

For any of my attempts to help someone to be 100% effective its paramount that I first check my own state of health and inner balance. The vibrational state, is an excellent reference for a healthy energetic state. for this reason I am not always and everyday available for healing and my mind starts to move my energies in order to install the required circuits before sending my energies out, so that you start to receive my energies each and every time when I am in a healthy optimised state. After I have sent energies out, I will disconnect in order to avoid keeping remnants of the process remaining in my transmission tube to produce the helping effect.

There are cases where the person gets better within hours after the distance healing session, and others where the effects are seeing more in the long term, in days or months. Some report a complete change in medical diagnostics after the healing sessions.

How to Receive Healing Energy

It might come across as obvious but you need to accept and be willing to embrace external help for my healing energy to work and be as effective a possible as it can on you. While it is useful to select when and to whom you will be energetically open, based on rational criteria, a general mistrusting attitude will tend to block external energies and make the energy healing difficult.

The necessary adjustment here is to gauge the quality of energies that comes through. Energies from a lucid and cosmoethical being, such as an extraphysical helper like myself, will feel comforting and serene. It might be deeply serious and focused, but if you relax and allow those energies to connect with you more deeply it will not be hard to trust me.

Healing and Discernment

If all of this seems far-fetched to you, don’t worry, the spiritual healing centre does not intend to convince anyone that these things exist.

There are countless accounts of different types of distance healing. A healthy dose of scepticism is actually good to sort out information since there are so many approaches out there, from the very mystical to the most technical and objective.

What will help you if you are interested in this kind of topic is to experiment with an open mind and also trust your discernment.

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