Life Transitions

Life transitions

Life transitions. “Breakdowns can create breakthroughs. Things fall apart so they can fall together again.” ~Unknown
Are you going through some uncomfortable changes and wondering what is going on? Does it feel like your world is falling apart? Maybe you are searching for answers and coming up short. You could be going through a spiritual life transition.

What Is a Spiritual life Transition?

A spiritual life transition is when you are forced to evolve spiritually beyond what you are. Your higher self determines this before you come to earth. It is not something that is happening to you without your permission, even though it may feel that way.

Spiritual life transitions move you to a new place spiritually. Your whole world may be changing as you are being shifted to a new reality.

Having a spiritual life transition isn’t a ton of fun. Things are very uncertain at this time and you don’t know where life is taking you.

During a spiritual life transition, you feel as though your life is falling apart and nothing seems to be going your way.

Eclipses Can Bring Out a Spiritual life Transition in Your Life

Eclipses can help you to move into the direction you are supposed to go in life. They are a time of fate. Eclipses are often pre-determined events that you decide before you come down to earth. They are great for shifting you into a new direction.

How Do You Know You Are Going Through a Spiritual Transition?

1. During a Spiritual Transition Everything Feels Like It Is Falling Apart

During this time, your whole world probably feels like it is falling apart. You are wondering what the h*ll is going on? Everything that you once knew is crumbling right in front of you.

This feels uncomfortable but deep down inside you know it is for the best. Things in your life are ending and it feels like it isn’t your choice.

Usually something which seems to be out of your control causes these endings. It feels like you aren’t creating them, but some other force is causing them. They usually aren’t brought upon by you as you’d never choose to change these things that are familiar and comfortable for the unknown. But your higher self knows it is for the best.

I describe it much like a breakup, you want to go back to your old life so bad, but you know it’s for the best to move on. You usually don’t see it coming and it happens completely out of the blue. The change is scary, but you can feel that it is for the best.

2. During a Spiritual Transition Nothing You Do Changes the Circumstances Even with Diligent Effort

During a spiritual transition as things crumble before your eyes you try to start new things to replace these things that are falling apart. But nothing is changing. You are working so hard to create something new, but your world looks the same.

This is because you chose this event before you came to earth. This transition is a fated one so any effort to push against it won’t work. It is going to take you where you need to go regardless of which direction you are trying to head in.

If this is happening, you need to realize that it is a spiritual transition. It is important to go with the flow.

Since these are pre-determined fated events, then your efforts really won’t produce any results during this time. Try your best to go with the flow if you feel like you have no control at this time. Sometimes surrendering to the process is the best thing to do.

3. During a Spiritual Transition You May Feel Hopeless

You might be feeling hopeless if your world is crumbling and no one of your efforts are working. Since you feel like you have no control, you might feel hopeless at this time. You are trying to make everything better, but it just isn’t happening. Of course, you feel hopeless!

You might feel depressed for a short period of time. This may make you want to run out and get medication. But really trust your intuition on this one because you could be going through a shift.

After your world breaks down it will build up again; it has to. So, things will gradually start to get better.

4. During a Spiritual Transition Things in Your Life Are Ending

A spiritual transition can cause many things to end. They end so that new things can come into your life. You only have room for so many things in your world at once, so you need to clear out the old to bring in the new.

It might be an ending of a job, a relationship or even a home. During this time, you might lose your job and it might seem completely out of your control. Or, you might have to relocate, and you think that you really don’t want to move. Or relationships of all sorts may seem to end abruptly and completely out of the blue.

These are all signs that you are shifting into a new spiritual place. These endings may be sad because you don’t want to leave behind all the people and things you care about.

Trust that these are fated events and that if someone is supposed to be in your life they will be. People and things never leave your life without your permission (your higher self’s permission). So, you may not be able to see why things are ending at this time but trust it is for the best.

Spiritual Transitions Can Make It Seem Like the Law of Attraction Isn’t Working

You might be trying to manifest something with the Law of Attraction and all the above examples are happening to you. Your manifestations aren’t working, your relationships are ending, your world is crumbling and all of your efforts are falling flat.

You might ask “doesn’t my higher self want the same thing as I do?” Yes, and no. It wants you to be happy, but it also wants to attract the experiences you came to earth to experience that will expand your soul.

So, a certain experience might be attracted to you by your higher self for soul expansion even though your physical mind doesn’t get it or think it wants it. Law of Attraction is so much more complicated when you include the whole of you.

We are multidimensional beings and only a part of us is physically focused here on earth. But there is more to us than that; we have a higher self.

Your higher self can also attract to you the things that you want. Your higher self knows what is best for you. It does suck at times – I KNOW! You just want what I want, screw this painful expansion stuff. But that is what evolves our souls.

Your Soul is Always Looking After You

Even if you don’t realize it, your soul is working on your behalf to lead you in the best direction.

We so often think that we make all our decisions but your higher self works on your behalf too. You are a multidimensional being and there is a part of you that isn’t physically focused. It helps you to achieve your highest good.

A lady on a YouTube video was saying that she did a reading for another lady who was miserable at her job, but she was too scared to leave. She said that she could see this woman’s soul going around and speaking to different energies like they were at a job interview. So, her soul was interviewing potential places to see which was the best place for her to work. However, it was the lady’s soul who was doing the questioning and finding out which place she wanted to work at! These energies weren’t interviewing her like in a typical job interview. The roles were reversed when this lady was seeking employment at a new place.

I think that is pretty cool to know that our souls are making sure everything is OK for us before we take that leap.

Spiritual Transitions Cause Upheaval but Also Shift You to Where You Need to Be

During a spiritual transition, it might feel like everything is in chaos and upheaval. Your life is changing to things that are the best for your soul’s expansion.

Your manifestations may feel like they aren’t working but they are just in their own way. Your higher self is getting a say in this whole process too. So, do your best to relax and go with the flow during this time.

Understand that things are shifting in a way that is the best for your soul. It will probably be uncomfortable and it will not make much sense, but trust in the process.

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