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The Spiritual Healing Centre UK

The Spiritual Healing Centre UK will help you in supporting and sustaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle, with your mind, body and soul all in sync.

Are you looking for inner calm, relaxation and restoration?

Cant get away for a weekend due to Covid-19 lockdown?

Enhance the body’s natural healing ability by experiencing the therapies I offer.

Maybe letting go of emotional issues through counselling is not for you, so why not try energy healing at The Spiritual Healing Centre UK, to help you in supporting and sustaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle, with your mind, body and soul all in sync.

Natural holistic therapies are mankind’s oldest and most successful health treatments, as they are safe and have no harmful side effects. These types of therapies are also known as alternative or complimentary treatments.

The aim is to re-balance and re-energise your body, restoring its natural rhythms, by transferring energy across to you.

Prevention now may be more important than treatment later on, your investment for the future.

Maintain the health of your mind, body and spirit.

Harness your body’s natural healing power to find inner peace and also to help you to gain clarity in your life.

Spiritual Life Coaching

Holistic Therapies


Benefits & Outcomes

Therapist Alfie


Alfie not only helped my develop a much deeper understanding of myself and gain much more mental and spiritual clarity he allowed me to feel more comfortable in my own skin. I have learned to slow down and create space and have greater self-compassion in addition to learning what gives me joy and allowing the time and space to enjoy happiness. What I have learnt has impacted my life and work in a big way and I highly recommend Alfie to anyone who is looking to achieve their goals.

Andrew McAlister, London

Alfie had identified one block in me that no one did and set me on a path of positivity. He puts a lot of care in others well-beingness and healing process as well.

Rio Kurniawan, Indonesia

I was really confused and my inner turmoil really made me sad all the time. The healing session, coaching and guidance, simply helped me align, become calmer and make sense of life. I couldn’t have asked for more. I feel really blessed. Thank you soo much.

Gillian Wilson, London

Alfie is a great friend, a reliable person. Always available and helpful. You will get a big relief from his lovely words.

Lory, Italy

Through accessing a number of ‘healing’
services, i was able to rationalise issues much more clearly and develop effective strategies to deal with them. This has enabled me to not only develop a balanced perspective on a range of issues, both at work and home, but also to develop the ability to prioritise, focus and manage a number of issues all of which i had previously perceived as complex and unfathomable. Thanks for your help.

Jake Daniels , Cornwall England

Thank you Alfie for the healing <3
Alfie is dedicated and has passion for healing. Alfie is understanding and knows how to go to the heart core issue and provide answers, advice as well as solutions. Alfie removed my emotional pain, performed auric clearing on my energetic field. I can clearly feel my body and emotion are lighter. Most importantly, Alfie is accepting and accommodating which are characteristics of a good healer. Alfie uses inborn gift well to heal. He is compassionate and can feel my emotion/pain as well as body numbness when performing healing. Alfie is able to put himself in someone’s shoes and sincerely hope for one’s soul ascension and growth. Moreover, Alfie has wide range of vision and can see how an outcome turns out then apply his wisdom to help the person being healed.

Missy MH , Malaysia


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The Spiritual Healing  Centre UK relies, considerably on the kind donations from individuals like yourselves for the growth and development of the Centre, that enables us to keep empowering human lives.   So we welcome any contributions, no matter how big or small it may be. With your generosity and kindness, we are able to spread the Selfless and loving message of spirituality and touch and transform people lives every day.  If you would like to contribute by volunteering or donating by other means, towards the assistance we provide, please contact us for details.